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Ohio Demands Choice

Write-In DEMOCRATIC Candidate: Write Nancy Kiehl & Fill in the Bubble

Pro-Choice Candidate: Choice for women and girls to receive a safe abortion due to illness, violence or personal reasons. Refund Planned Parenthood in Ohio. Choice for a woman to have a healthy baby, access to healthcare, a stable home, food safety, enlightened education, and a clean environment as they grow. To ensure this I will work with the people of District 5 and the people of Ohio to create a strong Constitutional amendment for Reproductive Freedom for Women and Protection of Women, Girls and Children.

Candidate Choice: There are too many unopposed seats in the Ohio Senate, House of Representatives, School Boards, etc. We need to invigorate Democrats and Independents to run for office and give all of us a choice. I will work with Ohioans towards Rank Choice Voting legislation.

Clean Green Sustainable Energy Policy for Ohio that meets the needs of all of our communities. Ohio can be a leader in research, development and investment in new green sustainable energies because of our dedicated college, agricultural, engineering and technology communities. We also need a clearinghouse of resources for Ohioans to access. The Infrastructure Bill and Farm Bill monies are coming to District 5 for renewable energy investment. This money must be allocated to the right places, projects, and people and not squandered.

Supports Minimum Wage Increase to $15: Ohio Legislature wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2027. That is too long to wait. We need to provide Federal and State monies to small businesses to expedite the process. And we need to tie the minimum wage to cost of living increases so that we don’t have to revisit this issue every 5 years. Working people need dignity and a living wage. There should be no such thing as working poor.

District 5 in 2018

Montgomery (majority, part), Darke (part), Miami, and Preble Counties.

District 5 in 2022

Montgomery County (majority) (part), Preble, Darke (part) and Miami Counties, City of Trenton, Village of Jacksonburg, Village of Seven Mile, Madison5.40, Milford Township, Wayne Township

Biography: Early career: Film Preservationist, Library of Congress, WPAFB. Then, Marriage, Motherhood, Girl Scout Leader, 4-H Advisor, PSR Teacher, Community Organizer, Divorce, Artist-Activist, Election Poll Worker, Small Business Owner, CENSUS Field Representative, Clergy Community Coalition Boardmember, Candidate for the Ohio Senate.

You don't have to be a lawyer to be a Candidate for elected office. It is a citizen's duty to participate in our democracy.

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